Where ideas meet Quality_

Our constant commitment, supported by continuous technological research, has allowed us to improve and develop a “sustainable” Smart Marble.

Visionary Design

Ibis is the perfect combination of visionary design and technological performance, a creative partner anywhere in the world for any type of architectural project requiring distinction through unique, recognizable style.

Innovation For Top Architecture

Ibis stands for innovation that elevates architecture to a rare art form. It leverages design features in such a fashion that architects are able to unleash their creativity and give shape to spaces in an unhindered way. Ibis provides an unparalleled innovation quotient for architecture to flourish.

Industrial Expertise For Technical Perfection

From the inception of an idea to manufacturing it to perfection, Ibis possesses staggering industrial expertise for technical excellence. At Ibis, excellence is the only standard that we maintain.

Inspiring Designers

The visionary design philosophy propels us towards the consortium of designers who are looking to push the frontiers of design. We collaborate with designers of international repute and provide the impetus for their design aspirations.

What Is Smart Marble?

Strength Plus Lightness, Very Larg Sizes, And Low Thickness.

An innovative and Italian quality porcelain slabs, ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, furniture, flooring and wall applications. The perfect combination of quality and wide collections of texture surface like marble, stone, wood, metal & concrete.