We should use a forklift truck, at least 2,5 mts. long, with the forks positioned in the largest width position, in order to handle the pallet on a proper way. Under normal conditions, the forks are positioned in the middle of the long side of the pallet, as they must hold the whole depth of the pallet. To allow the extraction of the slabs in a safe and easy way, it is recommended to position the pallets in a suitable area where the lift truck can be moved around all sides of the pallet.

Handling Slab

IBIS's Extra large format slabs arrive in oversized crates, which require specific handling equipment. To prevent damage from occurring during forklift operation, specific fork sizes must be used. For example, to handle a crate of 135cm x 305cm tiles from the side, 112cm/ 44" long forks are recommended.

To handle the same crate from the narrow end requires forks that are at least 213cm/ 84" long. Lifting multiple crates with longer forks may require forklifts with a greater lift capacity.

Specialised tools and equipment are currently available for the handling and installation of large porcelain surfaces. Innovative trowels with unique notch configurations can help increase the consistency of the mortar coverage on the back of the tile.